We want participants to have an in-depth understanding of Bullying, Fagging, etc; and to use this understanding in the development of interventions that promote students’ wellbeing in the schools.
Key coverage areas:
1. Conduct of Student surveys on incidences of Bullying, fagging, etc. This survey will expose the types and penetration levels of Bullying in your school.
2. Developing effective responses to the different types and classes of bullying.
3. Writing and reviewing Bullying prevention policy 
4. Establishing Bullying  complaint procedure for Teachers, Students, and Parents 
5. A comprehensive review of the Child and vulnerable children act ..
Fees: #50k per participant, payable to GT Bank Plc account 0613573978 for African Principals Conference Initiative.

6. Facilitators will be experienced lecturers and Psychologists from the Universities, Educationists, and Fellows of the African Principals Conference.

For participation please pay and send details to +234(0)8023308188 or [email protected]

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