2022 ABR/ APCI  TRAINING CALENDAR*(Just one training per  staff,  per year)
1. You will find this calendar useful for the various segment of your staff. 
2. Maximum two open workshops per month, for various categories of staff.
3. Once a year workshop for newly appointed or promoted Principals (Principal Academy); Hostel managers/ officers (Hostel workshop); PTA executives; Learning Assessment Workshop (Exam officers), Bullying in Jan. 2022 (for all, including parents),  *As advised by the Hon. Minister of State for Education in Feb. 2021, Principals can also nominate their VPs for the February 2022 Africa Great Principals Academy*
4. Students camping in August 2022, during the holiday. Now that we have harmonized the School calendar.
5. Dubai trip is for Principals and participants to visit outstanding schools during normal school operations. It’s a one-week working tour on effective Schools improvement and development strategies.
6. We have some courses listed for in-house workshops.
*Facilitators*: Experienced and accomplished professionals, professors, lecturers in tertiary institutions, Principals, Directors of Education, tutors- Generals, Lawyers, and Fellows of the African Principals Conference.
*For participation* SMS/ WHATSAPP +234(0)8023308188 for details or check www.africatopschools.com


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